Would Blue Contact Lenses Suit me?

Since their breakthrough discovery and introduction to the medical field in the late 1900s, contact lenses have become relatively indispensable parts of the fashion, therapeutic and medical fields. They need to be replaced frequently, handled with care when placing in the eye and when removing and those using them need to abide by some basic rules. Contact lenses might seem like a lot of work and even slightly dangerous but is that the case? Moreover, assuming you like the color blue, would it suit you if you put on a blue contact lens?

By the year 2004 it was estimated that worldwide, about 125 million users of contact lenses already existed. In recent times, there is room for that number to only grow and not reduce. Based only on the number of people using contacts, one can conclude that these contact lenses are relatively safe. Would millions still keep using contact lenses if the contacts were problematic? Although you might have heard of cases of people who use contacts coming into some sort of eye-related medical condition. Most time, these conditions arise due to faulty and illegal contact lenses. The conditions could also arise when the user does not make use of the contacts properly and does not observe proper contact lens hygiene. On that note, whenever, wherever and for whatever reason you decide to start using contacts, make sure you get them from a legal and clinically certified and reputable source. The eyes are very delicate organs and should be treated as such.
Contact lenses can be fitted to serve corrective purposes. From myopia to hypermetropia, all the way to presbyopia, contact lenses can be fitted to serve corrective functions or roles in these conditions. They could also be used for cosmetic purposes or therapeutic purposes. But regardless, of the reason, you can choose any major color of your choice and a contact lens in that color could most likely be fitted in relation to the reason.

Sky blue, dark blue, blue combinations (with other colors) and other shades of blue exist. This is because blue is one of the favorites for users of contact lenses. Moreover, blue contact lens has a wonderful effect on brown eyes. Seeing as a lot of people have brown irises of various shades, blue would be loved. Blue contacts fit just about everyone depending on your natural eye color and the shade of the blue. For those with lighter irises, there exists very little to no challenge. You could wear just about any shade of blue of your choice. This is because the natural color would not "mix" or "react" with the shade you have chosen. But light blue enhancement contacts are recommended. While for those with dark eyes or very obvious eye colors, more opaque shades of blue are recommended. Although this would be more obvious, it would most likely suit you better.

So, of course, blue contact lenses would suit you. Just know your natural color and follow the guideline above and you would be "rocking" a new (either subtle or bold) look in no time.