Why Are My Contacts Blurry ?

How to Fix Common Contact Lens Problems

There is a great chance that you may fall under those that wear contact lenses, and you are wondering why your contacts are blurry. This issue affects both those that wear regular and colored contacts. Don't be scared if you notice this, as some reasons could lead to the clarity of your vision being altered while you use contacts, whether regular or colored contact lenses.
We will explain the issues that could lewd to your contacts being hazy, but it is necessary that we discuss something first.
When we look at contact lenses, it is important that they are properly taken care of. Hygiene is something that must never be ignored when your contact lenses are concerned, be it the regular or the colored contacts. If you don't take care of your contact lens, it could lead to a serious issue like blindness.
While taking care of the contacts, be it the regular or colored contacts, it is advisable that you use the directions that were listed out, as it clamps down on the chances of eye problem developing.
Below are the most common reasons your contacts could be blurry.

1. When It Is A New Prescription
The vision of a person is designed to degrade as age catches upon him or her, and this means that the prescriptions you get over time, alter. It is important that before new prescriptions we drafted up, you let your eye doctor know if you have noticed any difference in your sight. Speak to your doctor, don't be scared to talk to him or her about changes that you may have experienced.
When the vision of a person changes significantly, there is a chance that it may have an underlying health issue like diabetes.
When people see halos around items, they become scared. Calm down, if you fall amongst these persons, as it isn't a reason to be scared. In some cases, the pupil is known to dilate to a bigger size when compared to your contact lens' optical area.
On the other hand, if you notice rainbow lights, you should be highly concerned. This may be a sign of corneal edema. The corneal edema is an eye condition that may need the eye surgeon to carry out a very risky surgery if noticed late. This is why it is important to meet up your doctor immediately you notice this after you must have removed the contacts.
If you notice signs and symptoms, write them down, and let your doctor know. Ensure that you track what times you notice this, as well as the conditions that are linked to the blurred vision, as it allows the eye doctor to find out what the issue is easy.

2. Dry Contact or Dry Eye Could Lead To Blurry Vision
If you notice blurry vision when you use your contacts, be it the regular or the colored contacts, ask yourself how long you use the contacts at a time.
Using contact lens at a stretch without taking it out can stop tears from forming well. The tears moisten the eyes and ensure that they function well.
Contacts usually do not cause dryness of the eyes, but they are known to worsen it if you use the contacts for a long time at a stretch. It is wrong to sleep with your contacts, and worse if you leave it on for days without taking it out.
If you notice that your eyes are itching or irritated, take out the contacts, and allow your eyes to rest for a while.
If this issue continues, it is important you contact your eye doctor for a solution. The eye doctor may prescribe another type of contact lens or artificial tears. Another kind of contact lens can help the eyes become a lot more comfortable.
Currently, there is a lot of contact lens, meaning that you can easily find the one that will suit you.
For someone that opts for the daily disposable contacts or the long-term kind, be it the regular or colored contacts, it is advisable that the directions are followed.
Using the direction well helps to clamp down the chances of getting dry eye, or similar problems. It removes the chances of developing a blurry vision.

3. Rotation or Movement of Lenses
A lot of times, the blurry vision has been known to come bearing a tiny cause. The contact lens may move, leading to your eyesight blurring out. For someone that has astigmatism, it is advisable to tell your eye doctor to have the fit of the contact lenses heightened.
If your contact lenses or eyes become so dry, the lenses may become stuck to your eyes. This is why it is not advisable to sleep with contacts, be it regular or colored contacts. Take them off.
If by mistake, you sleep with your contacts, and you get up to a hazy vision, it is important that your lenses are removed instantly. Have your head tilted back a bit, and try to see if the lens is now stuck to the eyelid. If it is, put a bit of saline solution to the eye, and you will notice your lens loosening up. You can then remove it.
If you are one that sleeps with your contacts, and you get up to see the blurred vision, stop sleeping with it. You can have a glass handy to use with the contacts. You should also talk to your doctor to prescribe another contact lens for you. Sometimes, you may need to change the brand of your lens to a better one like Eyemi.
Getting a different lens will reduce the chance of it moving a lot or blurriness.

4. Deposits on the Lenses
For those that wear lenses more than is expected, they tend to notice some deposits forming on the lenses. These deposits go a long way in blurring the vision of the contact lens' wearer. They could also worsen to infections. Don't wear your lens for a long time without cleaning them up.
If you have worn lenses, be it the regular or colored contacts, it is important that you dispose of them, and get new ones at Eyemi, for the sake of your eyes.
If you are using daily disposables, note that they aren't meant to be used for more than a day. It's only the monthly or weekly contacts that can be used more than their timeframe.
When a lens is past its expiry date, please don't use it again. When deposits are found on your lenses, dispose of them.
Statistics have shown that over a million eye infections come from misusing contact lenses.
If you wonder why your contact lenses are now blurred, solving it may be simple if you use the directions listed out on its package.
If you remove your contact lenses, and you notice that your vision is still blurry, make use of glasses for a day before you wear your contacts back.
The eyes may need to breathe. The tears of the eyes will remove the rest of the deposits on your eyes.
Having the best of colored contact lens is something that you should get, for the sake of your eyes and appearance. How can you get the best of contact lenses? Contact us today!