What To Know Before You Buy Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a convenient and healthful option for those who need eye aids. It's just very easy and convenient that everyone can wear them without having to go around with glasses every time. A lot of people are taking bold steps to switch from glasses to contact lenses because of the ease of use, which is, of course, a great decision.
Buying contact lenses is a perfect eye correction solution for people who do not want to go about wearing eyeglasses. People with active lifestyles would normally choose to buy contact lenses to enjoy a crisp and clear vision without the help of eyeglasses. It is important for everyone looking to make a transition to contact lenses to know about the important things to consider when buying one.
Get your prescription
You do not just decide that you want to start wearing contacts as an eye aid, you need to take an exam that is more complicated than the eyeglass exam. An eye exam for contact lenses includes carrying out some assessments on the inside and outside health of your eye. After the exam, the doctor measures your front eye to select the right contact lens for your eye correction.
Contact lenses are brand-specific
Don't just put your money on the next available contact lens. Contact lenses prescription usually includes a specific brand. There are different brands in the market today, all those brands are made with different materials. Just because they are similar doesn't mean they will fit the same way or work perfectly for you. Doctors prefer to prescribe the contact lenses you used for fittings and follow-up to ensure that there is an accurate prescription. So, ensure to go for the brand your doctor prescribed for you.
Know the types
There are several types of lenses ranging from daily wear lenses, overnight or extended wear lenses, rigid gas permeable contact lenses, and specialized contact lenses. Daily wear lenses are meant to be disposed at night before going to bed. There are also two-week disposable lenses, monthly disposable lenses, and quarterly disposable lenses that should be removed for cleaning and disinfecting each night.
The overnight or extended contact lenses can be worn continuously, even while you sleep. The rigid gas permeable contact lenses are the choice of people with most vision problems. They are breathable and allow more oxygen into the cornea. They need to be removed and cleaned each night but some can be worn for up to one week or even 30 days.
Specialized contact lenses are for specific vision needs. The individual's eye problem determines the type of specialized contact lenses they will be buying.
Learn how to avoid complications
Another important thing to learn before you buy contact lenses is a proper maintenance routine. This would help to prevent eye infections and complications. You should keep good hygiene with your lenses, prevent your contact lenses from coming in contact with saliva and water, replace as recommended, and importantly, avoid buying over the counter lenses.