What are Costume Contact Lenses?

First, we will be answering (for the sake those who are not quite sure or just to refresh our memories) the question of what are contact lenses? Contact lenses are products of modern-day technology that are placed on the eyeball and serve numerous purposes. Contact lenses vary in types, colors and (as mentioned earlier) in functions. Initially, contact lenses were invented around 1980 to serve as visual aids in correcting some visual defects. At the time, glasses were preferred. As more time passed, more and more people starting developing interest in the concept of contact lenses. A few years ago, the number of those using contact lenses, was nearing almost 125 million. As for the number of those using them now, bearing in mind that the popularity of contact lenses has increased and not decreased in recent time, one can only imagine. Initially invented to serve medical and therapeutic uses, contact lenses have evolved and extended beyond the field of medicine and outside the doctor` office. Costume contact lenses are now a major trend.
Costume contact lenses mean just that. Contact lenses that are used, not necessarily for their medical benefits but as costumes. White contacts, black contacts, designed contacts (Sharingan contact lenses) and just about any other color you could think of. There are various occasions and festivals such as Halloween that might require one to dress up. You could decide to go the extra mile and change the color of your eyes, just to enhance the "spookiness" of the whole festival. Costume contact lenses allow you to do that while still appearing relatively natural or normal.

Additionally, costume contact lenses, allow you to change the color of your eyes or at least to replace or hide that color temporarily. Those who are out to make a major fashion statement or who are just trying to change their overall look also use costume contact lenses. As long as the contact lens has no medical use or is being used for fashion related purposes, it could be referred to as a costume contact lens.
In recent times, it has played a major role in movies. For those who love horror movies or mystic or even futuristic movies, costume contact lenses are very vital. The black or red eyes of vampires, the yellow eyes iris of werewolves, the all-white eyes of witches and aliens along with other eye colors for various characters. Everything can be attributed to costume contact lenses.
Take note that whether or not the contact lens is for medical correction purposes or costume purposes or both, it would be wise to get it from a certified and legal source with a trustworthy reputation. Moreover, it would not hurt to see a specialist first to confirm if wearing contacts would be safe for you. This is because even though they are not exactly defects, some are prone to eye infections. Also, learn the basics of using contacts before you decide to try it on your own. Although costume contact lenses are very cool and fashionable, your eyes are even more important. So take the proper precautions and then, have fun as you become someone else.