Things You Need To Know Before Trying Colored Contacts

Are you thinking of what colored contact lens to opt for? Has your doctor made a prescription, and you are wondering what color will go with your skin tones? Do you want the subtle kind or those that are dramatic? Are you wondering what colored contact lenses are, and how safe they may be?
Is it Halloween, and you are winding what type of contacts that will pair with your costume? Or is it an event that you think a contact lens would do the trick instead of using a pair of glasses? Whatever reason you may need a colored contact lens for, you need to read the following before you buy a pair.

1. Colored contacts are similar to regular kinds.
What this means is that the way regular contact lenses won't damage the eyes, as long as you use the proper guidelines, is the same way that a pair of colored contact lenses won't damage your eyes, once they are prescribed and guidelines are followed to the later.
When we look at both the regular and the colored contact lenses, there is very little difference, which is the hue. This means that the way regular contact lenses can help with your vision is the same way that colored contact lens can help. All you need is to go to an eye doctor and get a prescription.
If you are one that wears a regular contact lens, you won't face any issue, wearing colored contact lenses because they are the same thing.
They both have the same duration and guidelines for taking care of them. If you have ever wanted to alter the hue of your eyes, you can do that with colored contact lenses, and your eyes won't suffer for it. Experiment, but let your eye doctor know before any decision is made.
2. Colored contact lenses are a bit thicker.
Colored contact lenses have been designed to be a bit thicker when compared with the regular types. For someone that is used to wearing regular contact lenses, you won't face any issue wearing it. It is easy to get accustomed to because you are already used to contacts being on your eyes.
Some persons fret at the idea of using contacts, and that's why they are stuck with using their pair of glasses every day, while they envy those who do. Instead of fretting, give it a trial. Wear the contact lens for one hour at the first trial; then you increase the number of hours as time goes on.
Before you know it, you can step out confidently without using glasses. The same can be said for a colored contact lens. Practice makes perfect.
Since colored contact lenses are a bit thicker than the regular kind, it is quite easy to remove compared to its counterpart. For those that are scared that their contact lenses will be stuck to their eyes, though this can be solved by using saline solution, can rest assure that colored contact lenses won't do such?

3. You can use colored contacts, even when your vision is perfect.
You don't have to possess blurred vision, or an issue with your eyes before you use colored contacts, unlike their counterpart, the regular contacts.
People have been known to alter their eye colors by using colored contact lenses. Some lenses are designed for those that want to be subtle, and those that want to appear dramatic. Whatever your reason may be for opting for a colored contact lens, it is important that you note that your skin undertone matters when opting for one.
A lot of celebs like Selena Gomez have been known to rock colored contact lenses daily or on special occasions. A great aspect of colored contact lenses is that since they come in different hues, you can use a different color every day.
Color contacts can be bought in different powers and can be used even when you possess a 20/20 vision.
Before you get a colored contact lens, whether it is to help with your vision or merely to alter your eye color, discuss with an eye doctor first.

4. You need to get a prescription.
It doesn't matter whether the colored contact lens that you want has zero power; you have to consult an eye doctor. Why is this so? This is the law of the land. Contacts, be it the regular kind or the colored ones, are known to be medical tools, and the law believes that a doctor should prescribe before they are used.
The different contact lenses in the market have varying functions. Hence an eye doctor has to look at them to see which one will do the trick for you.
What this means is that you need to use only a reputable colored contact lens store like Eyemi to place orders.
Using a reputable store means that the prescription will be asked for. Don't go and use a random store to prevent whatever contacts you purchase from ruining your eyesight.
Don't destroy your eyes by ordering from a random Halloween store that merely wants to sell their goods, without caring about your eyes.

5. Never share your colored contacts with anyone.
Contacts, be it the regular or the colored ones, aren't meant to be shared with anyone, even your spouse or twin. Some persons tend to share their colored lenses with others because they feel it is like makeup that can be shared, especially when the lens has zero power. Since it is meant to color the eye solely at zero power, they share their contacts, and at the end, regret it.
When you share contacts with anyone, you tend to take their eye germs into your eye, and vice versa. Before you know it, you are left battling with a dangerous eye infection.
Apart from that, your contact lens may not the perfect size for your friend or loved one. Keep your contacts to yourself.

6. Anyone who wears contacts can easily use colored contacts.
People have different expectations for their contact lenses. Some want contact lenses that they can use for only two weeks, and they can toss them out. Some want lenses that are designed to last for only a day.
Some have normal eyes and do not have an eye condition to treat with a contact lens. Some need contact lenses to take care of an eye condition like astigmatism.
Whatever your need or expectation may be, colored contact lenses can help, as different ones take care of different issues like astigmatism. Colored contact lenses come in different brands, hues, tints, and designs. There are a lot of types to try out from. Your eye doctor will tell you which tint may work well for you. It doesn't matter if you are getting a contact lens to be part of a Halloween costume or not, you need to ensure that you visit an eye doctor. He or she can tell you what type to opt for, and your fit.
Why look further when great colored contact lenses are concerned? For years, we have catered to clients from all around the country, and their eye doctors prescribe our collection of colored contact lenses. Contact us today! We will love to hear from you.