The Perfect Colored Contacts For Brown Eyed Beauties

Are you a brown eyed beauty who has always dreamed of having lighter colored eyes? Or maybe you just want a fun new look for special occasions? A common misconception is that you won’t be able to achieve a lighter or brighter eye with colored contacts, but that’s not the case! Here is how to select the right colored contacts for your beautiful brown eyes.

What Type Of Colored Contacts Work Best On Brown Eyes—Enhancement or Opaque?

Whether it’s your hair, makeup or eye color it’s always fun to mix things up a bit. There are two primary types of colored contacts: enhancement contacts and opaque contacts. Enhancement contacts are designed with a small ring of color on the outer edges of the lens. The finished look is your natural eye color in the center, with an enhanced brighter, darker, or lighter color on the outer edge. The look is more of a tint than a full-on color change. Enhancement contacts work best for light blue, green or hazel eyes—but will provide only a muted color adjustment for medium to dark brown eyes.
Eyemi brown colored contact lenses

Opaque or semi-opaque contacts can be used for every eye color but are a must for brown eyed beauties. Color depth and pixilation are improved in opaque contacts and instead of a small outer ring of color—there is a full 14mm of color, leaving only a fully transparent center for your pupil. This empowers you to go from dark brown to light blue, light green, hazel, or a trendy grey or pink. Eyemi colored contact lenses will still leave a bit of your natural color in the center, but the color will fade gradually from the outer edge to pupil. You can even go from light brown to a rich dark brown or almost black.

What Colored Lens Should You Select?

Now that you know opaque is the way to go, you might be wondering how to select the right color? Like everything fashion-related, consider the look you want to achieve. Do you want a color that will contrast with your skin tone or one that looks more natural? Or maybe you want a fun color to match your outfit for a special occasion or night out on the town. Here are a few things to consider:

Grey Contact Lenses

Grey is the perfect color if you just want to mix things up a bit but don’t want a look that is too extreme. While grey isn’t a natural eye color it’s a fun neutral that will lighten and brighten your brown eyes. Grey also looks good with every shade of brown eyes and every skin tone. Just take a look at the before and after photos of Eyemi grey lenses to see what we mean!

Blue Contact Lenses

If your goal is to create a whole new you, blue is the way to go. In fact, blue is the most popular lens choice for those with brown eyes! To ensure you get the right look you must know what color of opaque blue to choose. If your eyes are a deep and dark brown, light blue lenses will deliver a darker blue eye. If your eyes are a medium to light brown choose a vibrant blue for a sea-colored finish.

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Green Contact Lenses

If your skin is fair, a standard green lens will look fun and new, yet natural. If your skin is olive to dark, yellow-green, brown-green, or green-grey contact lenses will give you an exotic look and feel. Not naturally dark but want to look exotic too? No problem! Just get a spray tan or use a facial bronzer, then pop on your Eyemi green colored contacts.

Vibrant Colored Lenses

If you have brown eyes and want a look for your next cosplay event, costume party, or any other special event that calls for head-turning eyes—opt for a vibrant color. Since the goal is to have a look that is anything but natural, most vibrant colored or themed colored contacts are opaque lenses. Choose from pink, purple, red, multi-colored, patterned, and more!Vibrant Colored Lenses

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Enlarge Your Eyes

Wish your irises were larger? Whether your irises are naturally small, or you want to achieve a doll or anime-inspired look, colored contacts can change your color and give you the dreamy big eye look you desire. If you are sticking with brown as your base color, an enhancement lenses will do. For a full color change stick with Doll Eye opaque lenses.

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Last but not least, YES you can order prescription colored contacts lenses! Whether prescriptions are required or not, make sure that you remove your contacts after 8 hours of war, never wear them while swimming or in the shower, and follow all directions for cleanliness and sanitation. Enjoy your fun new look!