Myths About Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses have a lot of myths surrounding them, and today, we will try to demystify them. A lot of persons have lived in fear because of these myths, and as a result, have not basked in the benefits of using colored contact lenses. Are you one of those that have heard the myths? Or are you one of those that have peddled the myths? Where do you fall under? Embracing contact lenses, especially the colored contact lenses, come with a lot of benefits.
You can change your eye color.
Apart from using the colored contact lens to correct an eye defect for those with eye issues, using colored contact lenses can change your eye color. Yes, you read that right.
Opting for the colored contact lenses can give you the eye color that you have always asked for. If you want to look bold and dramatic with your eye color, you can with the colored contact lens. If you want the subtle look, you can achieve this with the colored contact lens.

You can look sharp
A lot of persons love colored contact lenses because they make them look great. Have you walked around with contact lenses in one day, and another day, you used a pair of glasses, there is a great chance that your confidence and appearance improved in the former day. This is the beauty of colored contact lenses. They are designed to make you turn the streets into your runway.

They are great for Halloween events and other events
Not every event may have you looking great without a contact lens. This is the basic truth. There are some events that your pair of glasses may look out of place there, and that's where a contact lens comes into play. At a ballroom event, a contact lens can do the trick, while a pair of glasses may come across as being drab. What of at Halloween events? Some costumes need contact lenses to alter the shape of the pupil or eye color. You need a contact lens in such a case. Before you get a contact lens, be it the regular or the colored ones, you need to see an eye doctor.

They are great, even when your vision is 20/20.
Colored contact lenses can be used even when your eye vision is great, and it won't affect you, as long as you get an eye doctor's prescription. If you want the shape of your pupil changed or the hue of the eye altered, the colored contact lens can help.

Now, some of the myths that we have heard about colored contact lenses are:

1. Wearing colored contact lenses is not for me.
Now, it is possible for almost any human on earth to wear contact lens since technology has improved. It doesn't matter whether you have an eye issue or not, as long as you have a prescription, you can use a colored contact lens. This means that no matter what your condition is, there is a contact lens for you.
Colored contact lenses now come in different types for anyone. For those that have presbyopia, there are bifocal contact lenses available.
For those that have astigmatism, there are rigid, soft, as well as hybrid colored contact lenses for them.

2. A contact lens can get lost behind my eye.
This is a lie. The eye comes with conjunctiva, a thin membrane that protects the eye, and is linked to the eyelids. What this means is that there is no space that your contact lens can fall into.

3. Colored contact lenses aren't comfortable.
This isn't true. For someone that has worn contact lenses before, using a colored contact lens is similar. For those who haven't worn a contact lens before, you won't feel uncomfortable wearing a colored contact lens, after the brief adaptation has occurred.
The only time you may feel discomfort is when you didn't get the necessary prescription.

4. Contact lenses can get stuck permanently to my eye.
A contact lens can't be stuck permanently to the eye. In few cases, when the surface of the eye dries out, a thin contact lens may be stuck to the eye surface, but once you add saline solution to it or a multipurpose contact lens solution to it, it detaches itself from the eye surface. Don't be scared about the colored contact lens getting stuck to your eye, as long as you take it out before you sleep, and take care of it.

5. Contact lenses are too troublesome to take care of.
Says who? This is a lie. Taking care of contact lenses is easy. Very easy. All you need is a multipurpose contact lens solution, and it can both clean and disinfect the contact lenses. All you need to do is to drop the contact lenses into the solution, and you are good to go.
There is an alternative if you don't want to be involved in contact lens care. You can easily use daily disposable contact lenses, and there is no need for cleaning and disinfecting.

6. Using colored contact lenses can lead to eye problems.
If you don't take care of your lenses or ignore the guidelines of your doctor, your eyes may suffer. If you also buy contact lenses without a doctor's prescription, your eyes may suffer for it with ill-fitting lenses.
If you listen to the words of your eye doctor, wear it only within the schedule, avoid sleeping with it, take care of it, dispose of it regularly, you have nothing to worry when the colored contact lens is concerned.

7. You won't be able to have them stay well in the eyes.
Contact lenses can easily be worn. You don't have to get a degree in Rocket Science to achieve this. Using it may seem difficult initially, but it isn't. While at the eye doctor's office, he or she will demonstrate how to wear a colored contact lens. The procedure for wearing a regular contact lens is the same thing for a colored contact lens.
You will also be shown how to remove them.
Wearing a contact lens is easy. After a wear or two, you will become adept in it.

8. Contacts can pop out of your eye.
This may have been true for the old type of contacts, but modern ones do not do this. It was common in the past for old kind of contacts to leave your eyes when you were doing sports activities or other stringent activities, but that has changed.
With the modern type of contacts, this doesn't happen because the contact lenses fit your eyes properly.

9. Contact lenses are too expensive.
It has no truth to this. Colored contact lens, on many occasions, is more affordable than a great pair of glasses.
Before disposable colored contact lenses that were once expensive are now affordable, with the improvement in technology.
This means that you can opt for daily contact lenses without being scared that your pocket will suffer.
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