How Safe Are Halloween Contact Lenses?

The good appearance and beauty that Halloween contact lenses add to your Halloween costume are overwhelming but it could as well be a good threat to your visual health. And because of this threat that colored contact lenses tend to oppose, various eye experts have sounded serious warnings concerning the safety of wearing these colored contact lenses. The president of the American Optometric Association, Andrea P. Thau had said earlier that a good number of customers that purchase lenses from questionable sources are harmed by it. And these victims that fall prey fail to realize that these colored contact lenses which they purchase are also similar to the normal corrective contact lenses and still need medical prescriptions to utilize it. There are few but concrete reasons why you should not endeavor to patronize any Halloween contact lenses that Is not prescribed properly. They are outlined below ;
1. The Side Effects Are Critical.
The inappropriate use and handling of any decorative or colored lense could lead to itchiness and corneal abrasions. When these situations occur, it is now a treatment procedure that follows. When this is not handled peppers, it can also lead to blindness.
2. The Unawareness Of Its Content.
Most of these colored contact lenses are sold at very affordable rates and thereby making it available for a wide range of people. These make it difficult to access how safe it is because it is not coming from a doctor or any medical center. Research has proven that most of these Halloween contact lenses contain a high quantity of chlorine in them, and chlorine is known to be toxic when brought close to the eye surface.
3. They Are Not Considered Safe Because They're Illegally Sold.
This is trying to enlighten you on the dangers of buying contact lenses at Halloween stores. The FDA has stated that it is not safe to buy contact lenses over the counter because they have a medical purpose. Therefore it is against the law to buy or sell contact lenses at Halloween store.

4. The Long-Term Effects Of Its Damage.
It is considered to be very unsafe to buy contact lenses from nonmedical centers because of the long-lasting effect it can create to the eyes of the user. A good number of people had gone partially blind for putting on colored contact lenses that weren't prescribed by a doctor. It doesn't matter how long you tend to wear it, but as soon as it gets in contact with the eye, there probably damage in progress.
5. If You Ever Need Them, You Can Get Them From Reputable Sources.
If you ever decide to wear decorative contact lenses, there are several safe ways to get them other than purchasing from a Halloween store. It is recommended that you see a doctor first for fitting and an eye exam. After that, you get a prescription for contact lenses and ensure you make your purchase from a vendor that asks for paperwork and is federally approved. You should also ensure to clean them properly after use.