Do Colored Contacts Make Your Eyes Worse

Colored contacts do not damage your eyes or worsen their condition if used well. This is one issue that a lot of contact lens wearers, especially those that wear colored contact lenses have asked.
As a teenager or nearsighted kid, whose eyes are still being formed, wearing contacts, especially the colored contacts do not lead to a progression of myopia, as long as your eye doctor prescribed them for you. Colored contact lenses do not damage the eyes of an adult, too, as long as it was prescribed by an eye doctor. It is important that before you use contact lenses, whether as a corrective mechanism or for the feel of it, that you discuss with an eye doctor.

Contact lens is designed to be safe for the eyes, but some rules have to be followed. It is important that you don't wear the contact lenses for a long time at a stretch. Don't forget to take it off while you sleep. When it expires, have it replaced with a prescription from your eye doctor. Don't get a new pair without first seeking permission from your eye doctor. Above all, inculcate the habit of always cleaning your colored contact lenses.
Contact lenses, like other devices used in the medical industry, are monitored by the parent body, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
To ensure that your eyes are safe, don't buy them without first getting a prescription from an eye doctor that's licensed. There are different types of colored contact lenses, and the different kinds have varying functions.

Ensure That Oxygen Flows To Your Eyes
Since the contact lenses are made to lie on the eye and have the whole cornea covered or partly covered when it is a gas permeable contact lens, oxygen that gets to the eyes reduce. This is why it is advisable not to wear contact lenses for a long time at a stretch. When you want to sleep, take them out, and allow oxygen to get to the eyes. The eye needs a generous amount of oxygen to be healthy and firm.

Since your eyes need oxygen regularly, as a contact lens wearer, you can do the following to help your eyes:
Every eye doctor, when prescribing contact lenses, always have a schedule drawn up for the wearer. The eye doctor will suggest times that you should remove the contact lenses to allow your eyes to breath. He or she will also let you know when the contacts should be disposed of, and new ones bought. Always follow directives to avoid any issue.
Opt for modern colored contact lenses from Eyemi, and they can truly help. Modern colored contact lenses are created from soft materials that allow oxygen to permeate through them, unlike the traditional contact lenses.
If the safety of your eyes is important to you, it is needed that you opt for modern colored contact lenses that are made from softer materials than the traditional ones. Your eye doctor will concur with this.
An alternative is to opt for rigid gas permeable (GP) contact lenses. This type of colored contact lenses is usually made smaller than the silicon lenses. What this means is that this type of lens doesn't cover the entire eye like its counterpart, silicone hydrogel lenses. This allows oxygen to get into your eye easily.
GP lenses are also designed to move, with every blink, meaning that new tears can easily be formed under the lenses. This prevents the eyes from drying up.
With GP contacts, the risks of you developing eye issues are reduced.

Have Your Contact Lenses And Case Cleaned
Hygiene! As a contact lens wearer, hygiene should be your watchword. Your eyes are delicate, and dirt should not come near them. This is why you have to take care of your contact lens, be it regular or colored contact lens.
It is common to see some contacts wearers using their lenses far their expiry date or using lenses with deposits on them. These deposits, when not cleaned, can lead to bacteria formation. For a contact wearer that ignores the hygiene of the contact lenses, you may have to deal with an infestation of bacteria, as well as other infection-causing agents.
As your contact lenses age, it is important that the way you clean them increases.

A study by the Brien Holden Vision Institute states that only four persons in every ten thousand regular users of contact lens have infections related to the eyes. Only twenty out of ten thousand persons that use the contact lenses while sleeping has eye infections. Though not rampant, it is important that your contact lenses, be it regular or colored, to be cleaned regularly. Though only a few persons suffer from such effects because of dirty contact lenses, the aftermaths are usually dangerous.
To reduce the risk of getting such eye infections, it is advisable that you have your colored contact lenses cleaned and disinfected regularly.
Make use of solely the contact lens solutions that have been prescribed by your eye doctor. For your contact lens solutions, you can contact us at Eyemi.
Talk to your doctor first before you change a brand, and there is something that we guarantee, your doctor will recommend us.
A lot of contact lens wearers opt for "no-rub" contact lens solutions, but research has shown that even while you these products are capable of cleaning without rubbing if you want a better result, you have the lenses rubbed while they are rinsed in the solution.
You can buy multipurpose solutions that allow you to both clean and disinfect the lenses.
Don't forget that while you rinse your contact lens, you should also rinse its lens storage case using new contact lens solution. Don't use the same solution that you used in rinsing the lenses to rinse their storage case.

After rinsing them, allow them to air dry before you use them again. This clamps down on the chance that they become contaminated.
Don't keep a storage case for more than three months. Dispose of it, and get a new one.
Whenever you are cleaning your lens, don't make use of the old multipurpose solution that you used the prior day. Pour out a fresh one, as it ensures that the efficacy of the solution is maintained. This goes a long way to prevent the lens from being contaminated.

Always Obey Your Contact Lens Replacement Schedule
Don't be the contact user that wears his or her contact lens past the schedule. Ensure that you have them disposed and fresh ones bought, based on the prescription of your eye doctor.
It doesn't matter if you are great at taking care of the len if it expires, buys a new one. Lenses are known to have deposits after being used over time, no matter how much you clean and disinfect them. These deposits reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to the cornea.
Want the best of colored contact lenses available? Look no further, as eye doctors prescribe the colored contact lenses that we offer. It is important to only opt for reputable retailers for your colored contact lenses, even the costume lenses for Halloween costume, whether you have the perfect vision or not. This saves your eyes from damage. Talk to us, today!