Daily disposable contact lenses: pros and cons

Those single-use lenses that you wear every morning and then you remove and throw away every night are called daily disposable contact lenses. These types of contact lens are becoming the rave of the moment for medical practitioners and consumers due to the health and convenience advantage.
It is important that you know these few things before the pros and cons are discussed.
A 'daily wear' is not the same thing as a 'daily disposable.' The daily wear lens is to be removed every night before sleeping. The FDA does not approve of its extended (overnight) use. This kind of lens is meant to be changed daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly. This kind of lens has a wearing schedule and a replacement schedule.
When 'disposable' is used to described contact lenses, it doesn't always imply single-use. The 'daily disposable' is a term that only refers to the lenses that are taken off and discarded every day.
Why discard lenses?
As you replace lenses frequently, your eyes become more healthy. There are proteins, lipids, and calcium that exist naturally in your tears, and they might cause a buildup in your lenses. As the buildups increase, they reduce the comfort that you get from your contacts and expose your eyes to infection.
It is advisable to clean your lenses but cleaning alone does not remove all the deposits, and they keep gathering with time.

Daily Contact Lenses: Convenience And Health
You can actually avoid almost all contact lens care by doing two things.
The first is to put on extended wear lenses nonstop for a long time and then dispose of them when you remove it.
The bad side to this is that wearing contact lens overnight is not really a healthy choice for everyone. To some people, wearing contact lenses while sleeping is detrimental and heightens their chances of eye problems.
The second alternative is by using disposable contact lenses. Eye care professionals and some contact lens wearers believe that they give the best of the two worlds because they are very convenient and do not require any form of cleaning and they are also healthy since there is no need for daily accumulation of lens deposit, and it is not worn overnight.

Pros of Daily Wear Contacts
Daily contact lenses are among the already many disposable items existing in our consumerist society. We have chosen to pay for convenience over quality in other areas and needs. But in eye health, quality should be overemphasized. Daily contacts give quality and also convenience because of these:
If you compare the monthly contacts to the dailies, you'll find that the monthly contacts are thicker. The dailies are very thin, and they are able to give the wearer a greater level of comfort. The construction makes it easier for the lenses to retain a high water content, and this leads to their high moisture retaining ability.
If you are still in doubt, you can try testing a pair of daily wear and then the monthly wear to feel them on your eyes. The quality is mostly determined by the brand and the cost. No matter how expensive a pair of daily disposable contacts are, you'll agree that it's worth the comfort.
No Hassle
Another reason why daily disposables are chosen over the other is that they are stress-free. All you do when you get one is open a new pack every morning, place it in your eyes, and you're good to go. They are sterile and need no maintenance. You also do not need to have a reminder because after inserting it, the only other time you get to worry is at night, for removal. There's also no way you can use them more than their end date since you can't even sleep in them. You can bid good riddance to cleaning solutions, new contact cases, and the many expenses that came with monthly contacts. This means it is even more convenient for traveling. Although it may cost more to acquire, you're freeing yourself from the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Healthier Eyes
The daily disposable contacts are more healthy for your eyesight. Whenever you put in your sterile pair of lens, you don't have to worry about whether it was properly cleaned the previous night. Because of the sterility, there is a nonexistent risk of eye infection in the event that you washed your hands properly before touching the lens.
Your eyes receive the oxygen it needs from the surrounding air. The thin construction makes for easy flow of air, unlike other types of contacts. People who have sensitive eyes and allergies should consider using disposables.
Your whole family can put on daily disposable. When you see your teenagers struggling to keep up with their schedules, don't you get worried that they may not be responsible enough to clean their monthly contacts each night? They may do it, but it is necessary that a routine is formed to prevent ocular issues. So, using daily contacts take that maintenance away.

Cons of Daily Wear Contacts
Although disposables are seen as the best thing to happen to lenses, it still has its downsides.
It is very costly to obtain, depending on how often you use them. However, more and more companies keep developing new technologies, and this means the cost of dailies will keep reducing without losing quality. But if you remember that you're spending nothing on lens cleaning and maintenance, you'll see that cost has balanced out the quality.
Temptation to Reuse
After using it for a day, you might be tempted to want to squeeze another day out of it. This is not worth the risk as you're exposing your lens to contamination. No matter what contacts you choose, don't wear them beyond their expiry date.
Dry Eyes
Daily disposables are being improved to have high water content and make your eyes breathe. Yet, people complain of dryness while using it. If your eyes are sensitive, then you may find it better if you use drops or fake tears. But there are some with unique technology to suit dry eyes.
Fewer Choices Than Monthly Contacts
The monthly contacts are suitable for all kinds of eye problems. People who use contact lens without standard prescriptions may not get matching dailies easily. It's better to retain your monthly contacts until the suitable dailies are developed from or you.
Standard of Vision
Users of monthly contacts have reported better accuracy than those who wear dailies. This may really be a thing of personal preference, so just test it out yourself. You can get sample pairs of the two types to compare them. When you do, you'll make your decision due to your own comfort and convenience.
Eco Credentials
When using disposable products, you should care about the environmental effect. The packaging may be easily recyclable, but it may not be so for the blister packs and lenses. This is because lenses are not composed of biodegradable plastic.
But then contact lens waste are just minute and can not be compared to waste from glasses. Many companies are carrying out research to make sure they achieve a solid recycling solution for contacts.
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