Color contact lenses - How to choose the right colored contacts

Having the colored contact lens is one of the best things that can ever happen to a person who wants to correct an eye issue, and still look classy. With the colored contact lenses, you can have your eye color changed, and go for a look that suits you. It could be bold, subtle, or even between. It helps to improve your look daily, or if you are one that loves crazy Halloween costumes, the colored contact lenses are great too.
Color contacts come with different features. Some are capable of correcting different eye issues like astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness, while the others are merely being designed not to have lens power.
It doesn't matter why you need a colored contact lens; it is important that you contact a doctor for eye prescription. It could be to correct your vision or to have your eye color changed.
It is important to note that though the pricing of colored contacts isn't as minute as regular ones, there is a great joy that comes from wearers because they can have their eye color changed.
Who wouldn't want to walk around town with colored contact lenses that match them so well that people around have no choice but to stare in awe? A lot of persons do.

Types of colored contacts
There are different colored contact lenses with different hues and features. A lot of colored contact lenses available are created to take the natural look of the iris. The iris is that part of the eye that is colored.
This part of the eye usually comes with beautiful lines and shape. Hence, some colored contacts come with a myriad of minute colored dots, as well as colored lines that have been radially arranged. All these are put in such colored contact lenses to allow them to look a lot natural when they are on the eye.
Usually, the lens' center is designed to be clear, that's the part of the colored contact lens that will be over the pupil, allowing you to see.
Currently, there are three types of colored contact lenses, and they are:

Visibility Tint
The visibility tint is that greenish tint or light bluish one that is incorporated into the lens that permits you to see it well while you either remove it or insert it. It also allows you to see it well when you dropped it mistakenly. Usually, the visibility tints are designed to be a bit faint, while not affecting how your eye color is.

Enhancement tint
The enhancement tiny is a solid type but is known to be see-through, though darker than its counterpart, the visibility tint. With its name, you can decipher that the enhancement tint is created to have the eyes' natural hue improved.

Those colored contact lenses that have this kind of tint are great for those who want the hue of their eye to be a lot intense, or for those that possess eyes with the light colored shade. If you already have intense eyeshade, this isn't for you.

Opaque tint
This is a tint that's not transparent like its name implies, and it is capable of having the hue of your eye altered totally. For those that have eyes with darker shades, this kind of contact lens can do the trick. It helps in having the hue of your eye changed.
A colored contact lens that has this type of tint can be found in various shades such as gray, brown, amethyst, violet, blue, green, as well as hazel.
Do you see those costume contact lenses that people use on Halloween or events? They all fall under this type of tint.
The opaque tint has been used a lot in movies, and currently embraced by a lot of persons today.

Choosing the right colored contact lenses
The hue of the contact lens that will do the trick for you is based on some factor like your skin tone and hair color. These may matter a lot if you want your contact lens to match your skin tone. When you look at every factor available that may determine how one's colored contact lens may look, the greatest of them all is the look that you have planned to attain.
What type of look do you want? This is a question that should be asked before you get a colored contact lens. Do you want the natural look and subtle one? Do you want to go more daring and dramatic? What do you want?

Colored contacts for light eyes
What do you want? Do you have a plan of having your look changed to a more subtle one? You should consider using the enhancement tint. This type of tint is designed to have the iris' edges defined, and the natural hue deepened.
If you have the urge to try out a different eye hue, yet still come across as natural, you should consider opting for colored contact lenses that are in green or gray, if the color of your natural eye is blue.
If you don't want anything subtle or natural, but something dramatic, and everyone will notice instantly, you should do the following. If you have a cool complexion that coned with blue-red undertones, and naturally light-colored eyes, you should consider opting for the warm-toned contact lens. An example of such a contact lens is light brown.

Color contacts for dark eyes
If you possess dark eyes, opting for the tints that are opaque colored helps a lot. If you want a natural-looking change, you should consider opting for a lens that is either hazel colored or light honey brown.
If you are one that wants to pop and draw attention to yourself, you should consider opting for a contact lens that comes in bright hues like violet, green or blue. If you have dark skin, opting for lenses that are brightly colored gives the dramatic effect that you may be want. Immediately you step into a room, everyone knows you have arrived and stares in awe at your lens' color.

Custom-tinted contact lenses
If you want the individualized appearance, few contact lens producers like we, at Eyemi, specialize in having tints of custom hue for every type of contact lens created.
The custom made tints are usually designed from a myriad of hues, as well as densities. They are normally semi-translucent, giving an all-natural look.
They are capable of hiding an eye injury or congenital eye defect, taking the look of a healthy pupil. Getting custom tinted contacts aren't meant solely for cosmetic reasons. They can be used to heighten your visual performance, and a clear example is in professional athletes
A great benefit of this type of tint is having a reduced glare while improving the depth perception.
Whatever type of colored contact lens you may need, we, at Eye, have you covered. We have different types of colored contact lenses that can fulfill whatever appearance you wish for. Do you want the subtle look or the dramatic appearance? Look no further. Contact the masters in the game! Contact us today! We have color contacts of different types available. No matter what your prescription may be, we have you covered.