Are Green Contact Lenses Safe and Do They Suit me?

This is a common question among users of contact lenses. They ask if the color is safe to wear, you cannot blame them (nobody is eager to lose their eyes to avoidable mistakes). Moreover, even if the green contact lenses are safe, it is a tough decision to decide whether or not you can pull off the green or look. But first a little introduction to contact lenses.

Contact lenses are optical aids that can be used instead of glasses. They are used by putting them into the fix where they rest on the eyeball. They are mostly fixed to cover just the pupil and iris. But scleral contact lenses exist that can cover the sclera or most of the eye. They are made for cosmetic or costume use. Here, they give one the "power" to wear whatever color of eyes you desire and look quite natural wearing it (if you can find the perfect color). Contact lenses, however, are majorly used in the field of medicine as a corrective aid to be used in place of glasses. Contacts are used in correcting several eye defects and some people prefer them to use of glasses.
Green contact lenses are as safe as any other contact lenses can be. But safety is only guaranteed if you get your green contact lenses from a certified and legal channel or office with a good reputation. Do not assume that you only go to the optician or a specialist if you need prescription glasses. You also need to visit them to ensure that wearing contacts will not leave you with any adverse effects. This way, you are certain that unless something goes horribly wrong, your green contact lenses are safe for use. How would you know if green contacts suit you?
First and foremost, green contact lenses are simply perfect for those with brown eyes. They give an alluring and relatively mysterious look to the users. They look quite natural on brown eyes. This is more so the case because these green contacts have specks of beige to ensure that the whole thing looks more natural. So if you have brown eyes, you are in luck. You might just have found the ideal color of contacts for you. From bright and reflective green to more natural shade, you can be sure that there is one shade that is for you out there. You just have to be bold enough to try it.

Green contact lenses are bold and require a bold personality to pull them off (in addition to the natural brown eyes of course). So if you are looking to make a statement or to stan out in a crowd, then green is the color or you. When you decide to try it out, you will discover that your eyes give others a mesmerizing and alluring feel that makes it relatively difficult to look away. Besides, the color green on a person makes the person look quite vibrant, after all, green is said to be the color of life.