Are Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween Costumes Safe?

This is one question that has been asked over and over again. Are colored contact lenses safe for Halloween costumes safe? To answer this, we will look at different aspects.

What are costume contact lenses?
The costume contact lenses are called cosmetic lenses. This type of contact lens is known to alter the hue of your eyes. This type of contact lens can have the shape of your pupil changed. Your eye's color can also be altered. For those that use colored contact lenses to alter the shape of their pupil, they do so to get a cartoon character effect.
The normal examples are zombie eye contacts, cat eyes, black sclera contact lenses, and so on. Many of these lenses can either correct the vision or not.
The United States and many other countries have made a law banning the sales of contact lenses, be it the regular ones or colored ones, without a prescription from a doctor.
Getting contacts, be it regular or colored, without first heading to a doctor can lead to issues. It doesn't matter if the contact lenses have zero power or your vision is 20/20, you need to see a doctor and have your eyes examined before a prescription is handed to you. This is to prevent any contact lens that you opt for from destroying your eyesight.
Avoid listening to those that say there is no need to meet an eye doctor, or that the contact lens can fit everyone. Not every contact lens, be it regular or colored contact lens, can fit you.
Meeting an eye doctor is needed.
It is common to see sclera contacts, circle lenses, and colored contact lenses being advertised like toys. Some companies do this to make people feel that contact lenses are toys, and shouldn't be taken seriously. As long as it is something that will be put in your eyes, you need a doctor's prescription because the eyes are delicate.
It is common to see some persons feel that the colored contact lenses are easy ways of adding an extra part to your costume. Whatever you do, it is important to note that they are medical devices, and should be treated as such.
Costume contacts, be it for Halloween or something else, are safe, as long as you discuss with an eye doctor. Whatever advice the eye professional offers you, follow it to the latter. You can pop with the costume contacts without being scared, as long as you go through it in the right way.

What damage can costume contact lenses cause?
When you decide to ignore seeing an eye doctor and purchase eye contacts from a random Halloween store, the contacts may affect your eyes negatively. Before you know it, the contacts are cutting into your eyes, and scratching you. If care isn't taken, your eyes are infected.
When you opt for non-prescription costume contacts, you may end up with mid-sized lenses. This is the worst thing that can happen to someone. Such ill-fitted contact lenses can lead to corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions, as well as dangerous infections such as keratitis.

Using a non-prescribed costume lens can lead to a reduced amount of oxygen getting into your eyes. Since they are ill-shaped and thicker, your eyes suffer for it.
When the eye doesn't get the needed oxygen, infections, and injuries occur. Rectifying the injury may be difficult, and even lead to eye surgery, such as a corneal transplant.
We don't want to scare you, but using non-prescribed costume lenses may blind you. Discuss with your eye doctor first.
Whether you need the costume theatrical contact lenses to grace an event, complete an outfit, or to have the hue of your eye changed subtly, it is advisable to go to an eye doctor for the prescription.
Only an eye exam can determine what the individual prescription is.

Are costume contact lenses safe when you have a prescription?
This is a question that a lot of persons have asked. Contact lenses are known to be medical tools that need to be worn and used well by the user. Some guidelines come with wearing a contact lens, be it the regular or the colored contact lenses, and they have to be followed to reduce the risks of issues occurring.

When you notice an issue with the contact lens, take it out, and contact your eye doctor immediately.
Before you purchase a colored contact lens or costume lens, these are the steps you take for the safety of your eyes:
Head to a certified eye doctor or ophthalmologist
There, the certified eye doctor looks at your eyes in an eye exam to analyze what type of contact lens you should opt for. After that, a prescription is written out to you.

Head to a reputable colored contact lens store.