Are Blind Contact Lenses Safe?

Blind contact lenses are one of the common costumes people use in Halloween. These contact lenses make your eyes look different in readiness to have fun at Halloween time. While wearing blind contact lenses, the lens pupil is opaque and there is difficulty in seeing. It creates changes in the color of your eyes to your favorite cartoon character. For example, you can pick black sclera Halloween blind contact lenses, blackout contact lenses, zombie eye contacts, cat eye contacts, etc.
Over the years, there has been a series of talks about the safety of the blind contact lens. But, the truth is that blind contact lenses are not the problem, negligence of users is the major problem. When buying a blind contact lens, you have to take certain precautions to avoid any infection or damage to your eyes. Blind contact lenses cause serious eye damage or infection if you do not use them the proper way. Some of the cause of the devastating effects of blind contact lens is a result of improper use. For example, patients sharing contact lenses with another person, wearing a contact lens after it has expired, wearing the wrong size, or touching the lenses with the wrong fluid like water or saliva.
When you do not wear Halloween blind contact in the right way, certain risks and conditions occur. An Individual may have cuts, scratch, and infection in the eyes. Wearing the wrong fit of contact lenses can cause a corneal ulcer, corneal abrasion, and blinding infections like keratitis.
What blind contact lenses are considered safe?

It is important for everyone looking to buy blind contact lenses to be conscious of their eye health. Prescription is highly important when picking contact lenses. It saves you from abrasion or any form of scratch that may result from wearing misfit contact lenses. Contact lenses prescription is gotten from doctors. They examine your eyes inside out to determine the best contact lenses for you.
Generally, blind contact lenses considered safe are those that fit properly, clean, with the right fluid, and healthy for use. Some Halloween blind contact lenses expire after a single-use, so you should never use them again. An additional safety tip is to check if the blind contact lens you are buying is FDA approved. To minimize risk, you should have a prescription. That way, you can feel safe about your eye health.
Caring for your blind contact lenses
Ensure that you clean and safe-handle your contact lenses to make them safe and healthy for use. Hygiene is very important when it comes to what you apply to your eyes. Avoid touching the lenses with dirty hands as this may transfer infections into your eyes. Do not use your blind contact lenses beyond the specified time. If it is a single-use contact lens, ensure that you use once and dispose of it.

Do not use your Halloween blind contact lenses overnight. This could cause an extreme lack of oxygen to your eyes because Halloween blind contact lenses are thicker than the regular ones. They are made thick, thus not breathable. So, wearers are advised to take it off at night to avoid any form of complication.

Blind contact lenses are safe. All you have to is wear them the right way.