All About White Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are cool. Not a lot of people use them, but a lot of people fancy them. you are most likely one of the contact lens enthusiasts. For whatever reason you love contact lenses, you are not alone. The variety of colors allow people to "alter" their eye color. At this point, no color seems too impossible or distant to pull off. Some colors are bolder than others and could make one stand out more easily; while others are subtle and require careful attention to observe. Blue contacts, green contacts, various shades of brown contacts and other colors are available. But this time, we will be focusing on white contact lenses.

Safety and Types of White Contact Lenses
First and foremost, are theses white contact lenses safe? The answer to that is a resounding yes. The white contact lenses are just as safe as any other colors of contacts available. The safety of whatever color of contact lenses you decide to use could be said to be solely dependent on the source. It would be best to get your white contacts from a legal, reputable and medically approved seller or source (whether they are for prescription use or cosmetic purposes or both). Moreover, in some places, you would need to possess a prescription to get contact lenses, regardless of whether they are for medical purposes or not (prescription or Plano respectively). They are available as white prescription contact lenses or Plano white contact lenses. The white prescription contacts are obviously for those aiming to fix or correct their eye defects while also rocking cool white colored eyes. The Plano white contacts are for those who are just after the coolness of the color.

Designs or Forms of White Contact Lenses
The white contact lenses come in a variety of forms. The white mesh contact lenses are fondly used for cosmetic purposes. These allow you to see (relatively clearly) through them but they give your eye pupil an all-white color. They give others the impression that your pupils are meshed or are made up of tiny holes. They give a "sick" look on Halloween for those looking to pull off a blind or futuristic look. In some cases, they also allow the original color of your eyes to "peek" through the meshes. The white lenses are also available as scleral lenses. These particular ones cover a larger portion of the eyes (the sclera) than the typical ones that majorly cover the iris. These make the entire eye have a specific shade of white. Although it would be important to remember that for white contacts, seeing is usually compared to looking through a fog.
So, we have seen that white contact lenses (both prescription and Plano) are safe for use by anyone who has an approved prescription (where needed). On that note, whether you are looking to make a statement, for cosmetic purposes or/and for corrective purposes, as long as you are interested white contact lenses are definitely for you.