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Vintage Chocolate
Vintage Chocolate


US$ 21.50
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  • 2019-06-03
    They look really cute and blend in well with my eyes, They are really confortable and soft (5/5) Color and shape are really beautiful, they look super natural at my eyes, but a green or blue eye will look amazing with these (5/5). The enlargement is great! (5/5) I love my lenses and will be back for more!!!
  • 2019-06-02
    Love these contacts. At first it was a bit hard to see see properly but after about a day it cleared out and I could see out of them like my glasses. Thank you!
  • 2019-06-01
    I really love them. I don't have some problems to get them on my eyes it's really easy and I can wear them the whole Day. The color is perfect the size is perfect. I'm really happy that I got them ?
  • 2019-05-31
    I really loves these Contacts they enlarge my eyes and still leave my natural blue underneath giving just the look I was going for ????
  • 2019-05-30
    They are so comfortable and look 100% real... i love them!!! ??
  • 2019-05-29
    Wasn't sure of these at first but they look a lot more natural to me now. Thank you
  • 2019-05-28
    They're lovely contacts a bit lighter in colour than advertised but beautiful nonetheless, would love if the space for your pupil was a bit bigger as they can be difficult to see through sometimes. ??
  • 2019-05-27
    These are my 1st pair of contacts and I love them!!! Great quality and price!! Love the color So glad I found MTOTM
  • 2019-05-26
    Made me transform into a whole new person :)
  • 2019-05-25
    Regardless of my small irises, I love how the green pop's on my eyes! They are really comfortable, they don't dry out and I feel they look really natural on my dark brown eyes. Since the results were so convening, I ordered a 2nd pair in a different color.
  • 2019-05-24
    I absolutely love these contacts!! Such a gorgeous color and so comfortable to wear all day long! ?
  • 2019-05-23
    2nd time ordering , not disappointed!! ????
  • 2019-05-22
    Love love love them! They look super subtle in person can't even tell I'm wearing them, i was going for a more natural look.
  • 2019-05-21
    Very comfortable but the Sunflower Grey isn't really suitable for dark eyes. It looks nothing like the pictures advertised.
  • 2019-05-20
    I LOVE these contacts. VERY NATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 2019-05-19
    Very comfortable looks natural and I love them
  • 2019-05-18
    Absolutely love these lenses. Very comfortable, makes an illusion that my eyes are larger(which I'm not going to complain about ahah) and the color is dark enough where there isn't a crazy contrast between my skin and my eye color but still enough you could think my eyes are gray. And the sparkles are just the cutest. All in all 100% happy with my order ??.
  • 2019-05-17
    I love these beautiful lenses! Much like all the contacts I have ordered they are super comfy. They have an enlarging effect to the eye, perfect for dolly eye look, I love them!
  • 2019-05-16
    They're perfect I really love them!
  • 2019-05-15
    These look very natural while also giving an enlarging effect. I have light blue eyes and they do an amazing job covering the blue. They start to get irritating around 8 hours of wear, but that's to be expected.
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