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Magic Blue
Magic Blue


US$ 22.90
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  • 2019-04-18
    Excellent!Very pleased with the color, quality of the lens and transaction!
  • 2019-04-17
    These lenses came out true to colour. I have dark brown eyes and they show up as a deep blue. They are a tiny bit bigger than my natural colour so make my eyes look bigger which I love!
  • 2019-04-16
    Im so happy with the service. I highly recommend the quality of the lenses.
  • 2019-04-15
    Most naturalI have been using this Neo Dali chocolate brown lens for many years now. I do try other colour lenses but I always come back to wearing these as my everyday lenses. They are comfortable, last the whole day of wear without drying out and its the most natural on my brown eyes. Highly recommend.
  • 2019-04-14
    Loving this color!!!I absolutely loved my contacts!!! The color and texture were great!!!!
  • 2019-04-13
    Super comfortableThis is the second time I purchase these, I've tried with other ones but I came back to these because they're a lot more natural and comfortable
  • 2019-04-12
    Looove!!These lenses are very comfortable. My eyes don’t feel dry until around 8-9hrs with these lenses in. Surprisingly, these yearlies actually feel more comfy than my dailies. These lenses make me look extra pretty! No need to wear eyeshadow make up as they look natural ^_^
  • 2019-04-11
    Awsome product and great customer serviceIm very pleased with my contacts. Ill definitely be buying alot more!!!
  • 2019-04-10
    First Circle lens, love themMy first circle lenses! Very comfortable and very close to my natural color. They’re a little bigger than my natural iris so I look alert and well-rested lol.
  • 2019-04-09
    YesSuper comfy and natural!
  • 2019-04-08
    Great and comfyGreat and moisture. Not bad. Will consider to buy again.
  • 2019-04-07
    perfect natural lookthese are lovely, i think they increase my iris size by about a mm, makes a hell of a difference without looking fake. as an added bonus, they kept my natural colour and just increased the size; quite a feat since one of my eyes is a lighter brown and one black! would buy again 100%
  • 2019-04-06
    Fast shipping and good quality productThe Fairy one day brown is very good,so natural,I love it.and thank you for the little gift
  • 2019-04-05
    super natural looking and comfortable lenses!
  • 2019-04-04
    I love it! I really like this contact! It makes my eyes bigger and shinier my friend's like it too! And It's comfortable even I wore for last night time! Thank you so much!
  • 2019-04-03
    Very comfortable and natural, I'll be wearing them a lot!
  • 2019-04-02
    Love them!My second purchase of them and I absolutely love the color. Thank you!!
  • 2019-04-01
    love emThese are actually amazing, i want them now in every color available!
  • 2019-03-31
    I didnt resive anything yet, I been trying to contact with no luck, please help me
  • 2019-03-30
    I love them and wear them everyday (:
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