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Lemon Grey
Lemon Grey


US$ 24.30
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  • 2019-01-10
    Her lenses are very beautiful she brings light to my eyes yet I have dark brown eyes, they make a velvety gray-green look ! I love them !
  • 2019-01-09
    I like it. It is so beautiful and make my eyes bright. The more I take it the more I enjoy it. You can use it 25 hours for it is so comfortable and mae you handsome. Thank u guys! I will recommend it to my friends.
  • 2019-01-08
    Wonderful! My eyes are dark brown but these lenses cover the eye very well. They are very comfortable!
  • 2019-01-07
    It looks very Natural I’m really in love with this product!!!!
  • 2019-01-06
    The colour change was really amazing. It looked very natural. Definitely worth every penny!!
  • 2019-01-05
    Love it
  • 2019-01-04
    I love, LOVE these contacts! You guys are amazing! Good no, GREAT job with these lenses! You can't even see my brown eyes. The color is AMAZING!!! Thank you EyeCandy! You hav a repeat customer in me!!!
  • 2019-01-03
    I love the color , it looks very natural and beautiful!
  • 2019-01-02
    Totally worth buying, I've been through different brands and different colours of contacts and these are by far the best. I have dark brown eyes and these turn them fully icy blue/gray. Planning on purchasing more!
  • 2019-01-01
    Hi! I am here and would like to share my extraordinary experience with you. I am super in love with this color! It make me different and the color may change a little as i am out with different degree of light into my eyes, which is awesome! I think the colors among people are also different for the different eyes' color! This is from people around!
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