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Ciel'S Hazel Contacts
Ciel'S Hazel Contacts


US$ 18.98
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  • 2019-04-04
  • 2019-04-03
    Great!These are my very first contacts and I love them. They are really comfortable and they colour is really pretty.
  • 2019-04-02
    Best VisionITS PERFECT! I love them a lot. I can finally see without glasses. It had a great color!
  • 2019-04-01
    I received my order nowI love both of them , really comfortable to wear.
  • 2019-03-31
    Awsome product and great customer serviceIm very pleased with my contacts. Ill definitely be buying alot more!!!
  • 2019-03-30
    they stay in place, not drying so i can wear them all day and the color is gorgeous!
  • 2019-03-29
    Excellent lenses, been buying since 2017 the most reliable and efficient site to purchase lenses. Love the collection. Love you guys who are working hard for us! Worth every bit!
  • 2019-03-28
    Will buy again soon
  • 2019-03-27
    I love how these look, super comfortable and they arrived earlier than expected.
  • 2019-03-26
    Let me say first off at how comfortable they are ! It’s only my second day wearing them, but I wore them for an entire work shift and I kept forgetting I even had the contacts in. The color definitely takes some getting use too, I wanted a natural look yet something that still pops. At first, I felt they looked a little bit like I had reptile eyes (they are a lot brighter then in the photo) but my co workers love them and say they look natural. The more I look at it, the more I agree, so it take...
  • 2019-03-25
    They look so good on my dark eyes, it really looked natural
  • 2019-03-24
    So comfortable and I highly recommend if you're looking for a subtle/natural lens ! Thanks Eyecandy :)
  • 2019-03-23
    arrived pretty quickly, and looks pretty good, I have brown eyes to begin with and this makes them much lighter
  • 2019-03-22
    These are my very first contacts and I love them. They are really comfortable and they colour is really pretty.
  • 2019-03-21
    i paid extra for 2-5 business days and it seems like that money went to waste because I've yet to receive my package. What a joke. If possible, I would love a refund.
  • 2019-03-20
    Comfortable nice color looks more like a natural hazel green color on me. I’m a black girl with dark brown eyes. I like them a lot. Looks natural
  • 2019-03-19
    Great quality and looks great! This is one of the best colour for dark brown eyes :)
  • 2019-03-18
    I’m a colored contact fanatic and when I say that these are the most natural looking contacts I’ve ever used, it’s saying something! I love the color (natural light brown against my dark brown eyes)and you’d never be able to tell that these are contacts. By far these are my favorite contacts out of my 4 item purchase. Definitely buying again!
  • 2019-03-17
    Quick international shipping, took about a week after placing order. Items safely sealed in a small box. Great customer service, too.
  • 2019-03-16
    Amazing product, my contacts came in 5 days after ordering them. The shipping was fast, the contacts were packaged nicely, and they felt so comfortable. These are my first circle lenses I've ever worn, I love them so much!
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